Laughing All The Way

Someone told me a few weeks ago, I should start a blog.  The truth is, I've had a blog for many years but I quit writing because I ran out of things to say.

Then we had kids.

Now, I can't stop laughing long enough to write down the hilarity that has become my life.

Let me introduce you to the culprits.

Kelsey Shae is 14.  Here she is making mashed potatoes.

Kelsey is not your average teenager.  She likes to hunt and she is a competitive a cheerleader.  She loves to crochet  (that's knitting) and is fiercely loyal to people who she loves.  She is also funny.  And she's a teenager so there's that.

Reese Ann is my almost-four-year-old wild-child.  She came out of the womb with a fiery personality that literally does not stop.  Ever.  I think this picture is a good summary of who she is....

Playing the Wii with her cousin, Luke.  Shhh...don't tell her that her controller isn't even turned on.
Before Reese could talk, she growled.  At people.  When they said hello.  She has a purpose and it is to live every single minute of her life to the absolute fullest.  I often use the word "spicy" to describe her.

Yes, Reese is spicy.

And then there is Nathan.  Or Nate.  Or Nate Dog.  Or The Dog.  Nate is 1 and is the polar opposite of Reese.  He is snuggly, sweet, smushy and quiet.  Well, quiet except for the fact that when he screams, he sounds like these goats.  (You're welcome for that video, by the way.)

God gave us Nate back when we thought two kids was enough.  Silly us.  He is the baby I never knew I wanted but now know I can't live without. 

So what if he doesn't sleep? 

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? 

Maybe they should say what doesn't kill you makes a great story.

So that's where we are.  Exhausted with a baby, a fiery toddler and a teenager. 

And a minivan.

Be jealous.

And laugh along with us...


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