Big Politics Come to Our County

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I love politics.  My TV is often turned to political pundits debating over the most-recent Washington scandal.  I can tell you who is up and who is down in the polls.  Most days, I will swear I could do Josh Earnest's job AND Jenn Psaki's jobs at the same time with my hands tied behind my back.

Oh Jenn slay me.

While I often wish I could be the next Dana Perino, Olivia Pope or Claire Underwood, I realize that my life as "mommy" here in small-town-North-Carolina is where my God calls me to serve.

Today, however, the big-time politics arrived in Moore County, NC.

Romantic scandal.  Personal vendettas.  Cronie Capitalism...all in our small town.

Our County School Board voted 5-3 to terminate the employment contract for our current School Superintendent Dr. Robert "Dr. Bob" Grimesey. Board members Ben Cameron, Kathy Farren, Laura Lang, Susan Black and Becky Carlson voted to oust Dr. Bob for reasons that, unfortunately, they were not at liberty to share with the public.

Maybe you find this verbiage totally deplorable, as do I.  See the webcast of the event here, via Star 102.5.

If there was a reason, don't you think we would know about it?  Someone would have leaked it.  No one wants to be a scapegoat when the entire county is out for an answer.  If there is something in Dr. Bob's background that we should know about, then please share it with us.

Otherwise, simmer down, school board.

I am a graduate of this County's school system.  So is my husband.  So is my mom.  So is my dad.  So is my mother-in-law.  So is my father-in-law. My 14-year-old is a current student in this school system.  I could keep going....but you get the point.  I am not new here.  I understand the culture and the way things "should" be done.

What I saw this morning is NOT how we roll.
We owe Dr. Bob an apology.  Moore County is better than this.  Y'all, you KNOW we are better than this.

There were 400 citizens at the meeting this morning in support of Dr. Bob.  So many people, in fact, that they had to move the original meeting to a larger location due to fire codes.  By all accounts, every person in attendance was in support of Dr.  Bob.  In fact, when one of the five spoke, the entire crowd shouted their disapproval. 

I know employees of Moore County Schools who say that they have seen Dr. Bob more in the one year he served as Superintendent than all previous Superintendents combined.  He didn't just show up when the cameras showed up.  He wasn't there just to say "thanks," or to read a book.  He cared for our students....for our children. 

And seriously, when did we allow less than one year for someone to accomplish their goals?  Isn't Obama in year 6.5?

I digress.

I have researched what it takes to impeach a school board and I have a feeling I'm not the only who has done this today,

I can say, without a doubt, it can be done.

So let's do it.

Hey School Board, I have some bad news:  this ain't the inside of the beltway; your last names aren't Bush or Clinton.  The people WILL have the last say.

In the words of Dr. Grimesey:  I still don't know what I did (to get fired), (but) let there be no mistake. If I could do it 100 times over again, I would accept 'the call' to serve as your superintendent of schools even if I knew today would be inevitable. I do not regret any of the moments we have shared during this past year. It has been my honor and my privilege. (via)

Oh politics, you slay me.

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  1. Where did it go? At any rate, this is one of the most refreshing posts I have read, with an entertaining, humorous slant much needed after a long, intensive day. Thank you for your motivation to share your creative writing about matters that matter. I look forward to more. And, somewhere, I remember your name? I did teach thousands in music class in Moore County Schools!