Four years: In the Blink of an Eye

Parenting is a funny thing.  The days are long.  The nights are longer.  You push through exhaustion and ear infections and road trips and diaper explosions and laughter and first steps until one day you wake up and your baby isn't a baby anymore.  You wonder how time can both speed by and drag along.

Tomorrow Reese Ann turns four years old.  It seems like only yesterday we were taking these pictures in her nursery...fresh paint on the walls and furniture that had yet to be used.

Reese Ann at 11 Days Old
Don't let these newborn pictures fool you.  Reese is what I like to call spicy.  She was born with a bigger-than-life personality and more energy than one person should be allowed to possess.

 More often than not, she is talking or singing or screaming. See below for photo evidence.

 And sometimes, she is very serious.  How silly of me to put her beside a pumpkin for Halloween?

She was born with blue eyes and a head full of blonde curls.   99.5% Brady and 0.5% Yonish.

There are still days, four years later, that I look at her and ask God how I was lucky enough to be her mom?  She is hilarious. She is beautiful.  She has a huge heart. 

 And of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the crazy things I've had to say to her.  These words have actually come out of my mouth:

"Please do NOT floss your toes with french fries!"

"Reese, we don't spit chocolate milk and let it run into our neck fat!"

"Toilet paper is NOT for eating!"

But clearly blue icing IS for eating.

There were times that Reese shoved food items in random gummy bears in the USB port of a computer or cookies in the DVD-player (a la Elf). 

There was a period of time that she only wanted to wear a hula skirt. Okay...I can't blame her for that.  Hula skirts are sort-of awesome.

Then there was that time she played hide and go seek by herself.

Or the time when she was 18-months-old and I was in the shower....she got in the bathroom and started throwing random items in the tub like toilet paper and clothes and towels...all the while I was trying to stop her (unsuccessfully, I might add) and getting shampoo in my eyes hollering for her to stop putting stuff in the shower.  What was Reese's response?  Laughter.  Just Laughter.

Life with Reese is funny. 


And it has zoomed by.

I can't believe my sweet girl will be four when she wakes up in the morning. 

Thank you for bringing more joy (and laughter) (and naps) to my life than I ever thought possible.

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  1. So sweet! Hope she has a Happy fourth birthday.