The Post In Which I Offend All Of My Readers (unless you happen to agree)

How is it possible that a person (ahem, me) can stop at a gas station, go inside to pay, then walk outside and pump her gas only to realize that her car keys cannot be located?

I don't know how it's possible but it is.  I did it today.  Thankfully I keep a spare key with me so I wasn't stuck.

I did find the key laying right on top of the center console about four hours later.  As if I didn't look there 453 times...but whatever.

We had our Vacation Bible School at church last week so on top of my kids being sick and still trying to work full time, I spent every night in church teaching songs and dances to kids of all ages. I helped the teenagers with this video; they taped it and explained the task to all the adult participants.  I simply put it together.  It is 100% their work and I am SO proud of them!!! It made the late nights and shared stomach flu totally worth it.


Due to the extensive time I spent at the church, I didn't get a chance to write about all the (not so) awesome things that happened in the world last week.  And boy...did crap hit the fan when I wasn't looking.

So let's hit these up in bullet points:
  • Planned Parenthood:  You are drunk; go home.  Since when was it legal and/or moral to sell infant body parts?  I'm not even talking about abortions, that's another topic...I'm talking about selling parts of living human beings.  It's gross and disgusting and taxpayer money flowing to this company needs to stop.
  • Iran Nuclear Deal:  Because everyone knows Iran has a history of following the rules, right?  Basically we have guaranteed that Iran will have nukes in the next 5-10 years.  In case you aren't familiar with Iran, these are the same people that gathered by the thousands shouting "Death to America" after the deal was signed.  Good job, John Kerry and President Obama...way to look out for Americans.  I'm friends on Facebook with people who live outside of the United States and these people were giddy about the deal...hailing John Kerry as a brave hero.  I would love to invite all of those people to New York City to visit the September 11th Memorial at Ground Zero.  There are people in this world who hate Christians and Americans and ONLY want us dead; let's not forget what they did to us on 9/11 and let's remind our politicians that we will not accept these punk deals with terrorists.
  • Chattanooga:  Maybe it's time to rethink "gun-free zones" in places where our military personnel work?  Call me crazy, but if they can carry a weapon in Afghanistan, why the hell can't they carry a weapon in a Federal Building inside the United States?  This is a George W. Bush Clinton law that needs to  So maybe we won't have anymore Fort Hoods or Navy Yards.Yes?  Yes.
  • Caitlyn Jenner: "She" won the Courage award at the ESPYs and then it was leaked that the award was negotiated in exchange for mentions on "her" new reality show.  Of all the people in the world of sports who exhibited courage this year, that's the best you can do?  Good job, ESPN.  You also are drunk and should go home.  
  • Kate Steinle: A 32 year old woman murdered in a very public place by an illegal immigrant who had been convicted of seven different felonies and had been deported at least five previous times.  We need to rethink get rid of Amnesty and Sanctuary Cities.  It's literally killing us.
  • Donald Trump:  How is it possible he has a double-digit lead over Scott Walker?  Look, I don't hate Donald Trump as a rich person who is weird and needs a new toupee, but let's be realistic...he will NEVER occupy the Oval Office and for that reason, he is only hurting the other 150000000 Republican Candidates.
  • Republican Candidates:  Enough is enough.  Y'all need to get together and decide who should run...back that person and drop out or else we are going to have a third party candidate who will guarantee a Democratic President in 2016.  No one I know wants to say President Hillary Clinton so come on...get it together.

Now that I have probably isolated myself from anyone who would read my writings.  It's okay if you disagree.  I disagree every day with people that I love very much.  It's called democracy and it's why our Founding Father's created this great country.

The only thing that's going to keep this country great is if we stay on top of current events and hold our elected officials' feet to the fire.  Whether you agree with me or not...find you place and make your voice heard.

If you aren't registered to vote, please do so today.

And if you have never lost your keys in your car, please don't rub it in my face.


  1. Right on, sista!!

  2. Loved every word!!!! My sentiments exactly!!!!!