The 11 Stages of Grief When A Loved One Supports Hillary

I saw a post on Scary Mommy's Facebook page with a link to an article titled, "The 7 Stages of Grief When a Loved One Supports Trump."  I simply replied, "Hey Scary Mommy, if I write a post about "the eleven stages of grief when a loved one supports Hillary," will you post it?"

I think I broke the internet.

The conservatives are begging for the article and the liberals are damning me to hell for expressing an opinion.  So I wrote one...but before you read it, maybe you should read some of the comments directed at me simply for asking a question on Facebook (I've removed last names to protect the identity).  Grown-up bullying is real, ya'll...and we wonder where our kids get it:

Katherine: Another whiny conservative pissed that something doesn't apply to them...
Donna: Get your own widely-followed blog.
Krista: This is a blog of opinions!!!! If you don't like it. LEAVE her blog!!!
Susy: Make your own page and post it! Scary mommy doesn't have to post anything we write #getoverit
Jessica: Hey, if Scary Mommy wants to make a post about Erin Yonish Brown eating dog excrement, they can! Unlike, it's that simple.

And those were  just a few of the PG-rated responses.  All I did was ask a question.  Good.Ness. 

For the record, I don't love Trump.  At all.  I am a staunch Southern conservative who has never voted anything but RED....and I'm not sure that I can take the plunge this time.  It literally makes my stomach hurt.  Seriously, can you imagine Trump in the same room with Benjamin Netanyahu?   There has to be a meme for that on Pinterest.

My comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  Are there 11 stages of grief when a loved one supports Hillary?  I don't know.  I'm not a therapist.

I am, however, an expert in the policies regarding the safeguarding of classified material.  It's what I do when I'm not scrolling through Facebook looking for a "fun" debate.  (Did I say fun?  I honestly think people want to hurt me...but I digress.)

So without further adieu, here is MY version of "The 11 Stages of Grief When A Loved One Supports Hillary":

You cannot even wrap your brain around the fact that someone can spend 8 years in the White House and come out broke.  And if that's not bad enough, she actually removed items that belonged to the American People and had to return them.  And the worst, your loved one actually SUPPORTS this craziness!

It makes you giggle at inappropriate times that she might sit at the same desk that Monica Lewinsky once hid under.  Your loved one laughs at this too.  It is universally funny.

Wait....she says that she's a feminist but her comments to Juanita Brodderick after the alleged rape by Bill Clinton makes you wonder:  Will she stop at nothing to gain power and control?

There is no way that the average person can relate to Hillary Clinton.  She has admitted to taking $675,000 from speaking engagements on Wall Street.  And let's be honest...that's just what she's admitted to taking from speaking engagements!  It's very likely there is more that she hasn't disclosed.

You aren't fooled by The Clinton Foundation even though your loved one clearly is.  The Foundation might do good things in Africa but what about the 60 companies who happened to be lobbying the State Department while Hillary was the Secretary of State and also just happened to donate more than $26 Million to The Foundation in the same time frame?  And those are American Companies.  Let's not even get started on the International donations.  Pay to play is disgusting.

Going back to the claim that Hillary is a feminist, you realize that The Clinton Foundation takes billions of dollars from countries where women aren't even allowed to vote, or go to college....or DRIVE.  That doesn't even make sense. Your loved one is smarter than this!

Of course your loved one would never vote for someone who owns a $12K jacket yet claims to be a champion for income inequality.  Never.  Ever.

8.  HOPE
Maybe, just maybe, if you present the facts to your loved one....maybe they will see that Hillary is just a professional Politician who will say whatever it takes to be the first female President.

Stating the facts doesn't work.  Your loved one still thinks that Hillary's hands are clean from the four American's who died in Benghazi, Libya in 2012.  Of course the was the Secretary of State and he was an Ambassador who worked for her.  Eh....those are just minor details to your loved one.

The email server.  The classified information.  The lies to Congress.  The FBI investigation that laid out a clear disregard for National Security.  How is she even ELIGIBLE to run for President?  General David Petraeus was found guilty and only shared ONE classified document to someone who had a security clearance.  Five of her advisors have been given immunity.  The guy who did maintenance on the server never even had a clearance.  Better Americans have gone to prison for a whole lot less and she is STILL running for the highest office in the land.  Suddenly, you have hope that this is all a joke and that she will be indicted tomorrow.  That will solve all the problems.

The realization that these facts will never change your loved one's mind about supporting Hillary breaks your heart.  And then your heart is broken even more because you realize that we are screwed.  


Bigly Screwed.

It's either Donald or Hillary.  

God help us all.


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